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Raw Agave vs Light Agave

Exploring the Characteristics: Raw Agave vs Light Agave

Raw agave is minimally processed, with a darker color, stronger flavor, and lower glycemic index. Light agave is more refined, with a milder taste, lighter color, and slightly higher glycemic index. These are the main differences between them.  But I find there are some more points that you need to know about Raw Agave vs […]

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Sorghum vs Molasses

Sorghum vs Molasses: Exploring the Differences and Unique Uses

Sorghum syrup comes from the green juice of the sorghum plant, while molasses is a result of processing sugar cane into sugar. Here I will mainly discuss about the Sorghum Syrup vs Molasses, not Sorghum itself. Although Sorghum Syrup vs Molasses look similar and share some uses, they are distinct. So, when deciding which syrup

Sorghum vs Molasses: Exploring the Differences and Unique Uses Read More »

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