Saffron vs Safflower: Understanding the Differences and Benefits

Saffron and safflower are two spices that are often compared due to their similar-sounding names. However, they are different in terms of their flavor, culinary uses, price, and harvesting methods. While saffron is used primarily for coloring and flavoring dishes, safflower is used primarily for its oil in cooking and baking.

Here my discussion will be based on cooking only avoiding other uses for these two items. I will cover all these differences and similarities between Saffron and Safflower with some questions that people ask about them. So, without any delay, let’s see what you must know about them.

Saffron Vs Safflower

Saffron Vs Safflower: An Overview

The differences are too detailed between these two. If you have less time in hand then you may just read this article to get all the info in a short. But knowing detail is best because of its importance.

Saffron Vs Safflower
Saffron Vs Safflower
PriceExpensive can cost hundreds per poundAffordable, typically less than $5 per pound
TasteDistinctive floral, slightly bitterMild, slightly nutty
Health BenefitsAnti-inflammatory, antioxidant, may improve mood and memoryPromotes healthy skin, helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels
Culinary UsesWidely used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, often used in rice dishes and dessertsCommonly used as cooking oil or in salad dressings
ColorDeep red-orangePale yellow
SourceDerived from the crocus flowerExtracted from the seeds of the safflower plant
Other DifferencesSaffron is commonly used in small quantities due to its high price, while safflower is used in larger quantitiesSaffron is more commonly used in sweet dishes, while safflower oil is often used in savory dishes
Saffron vs Safflower

Detail Differences Between Saffron Vs Safflower

From the above table, we knew several differences between Saffron Vs Safflower. Now let’s go deeper into them. All these are from my personal experience and research.

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Comparison With Price

The most notable and important difference between Saffron and safflower is in its price. Many people asked about the price differences between both. Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, mainly because it is so rare. For this, sometimes it may cost hundreds of dollars.

Safflower, on the other hand, is available at a much cheaper price, usually under $5 per pound. The main reason why safflower costs are so low is because of its availability. To check the latest price of both foods, please check the link below.

Saffron vs Safflower Taste

Saffron has a delicate and unique taste that is difficult to describe for me because I have no such word to describe that. It has a slightly sweet, floral, and earthy taste with a hint of bitterness. Saffron’s strong aroma, not taste makes it a popular ingredient in many cuisines worldwide.

In contrast, safflower has no distinct taste or flavor and is primarily used for its oil and dye. You will not get the taste of Safflower from its oil. Though it is used in cooking, it is hard to identify its taste.

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Health Benefits Of Saffron and Safflower

Both saffron and safflower have considerable qualities in terms of health benefits. Saffron is able to play an important role in various disease reactions of the body because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Not only that, it also plays a significant role in increasing intelligence or memory.

Controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels is very important these days and plays a very important role in Safflower. Healthy and maintaining the normal levels of the skin, this oil is also high in omega-6 fatty acids which act as various preventive measures against the risk of heart attack. 

But don’t take my words too seriously and start consuming them voraciously. Rather maintain a normal diet and add a minor amount of them to your food.

Differences In Culinary Uses

There are several differences between the two in terms of cooking. I tried to explain with a few words below.

In Middle Eastern countries, saffron is used in a variety of cuisines as well as served as a dessert. Saffron is also a popular ingredient in Spanish paella, French bouillabaisse, and Italian risotto, among several places. Since saffron is expensive, it is not often used in food.

On the other hand, you can use Safflower as oil for dressing and various types of salads through it. Used for frying or roasting, it is also used in various types of cooking. You may watch recipes that need Saffron or Safflower to know the uses of these two.

Comparison Of Color

Color is a basic thing that makes one different from another. Saffron has a very dark red color and when mixed with food it turns a golden color and adds a distinct flavor to the food. 

Safflower is a tamarind ingredient that mixes with food to give it a yellow color and adds some flavor to the food. Needless to say. flavor to dishes. I (Kameron) have long experience with these colors.

Source Saffron And Safflower

Saffron is made from the stigma of the flower and this flower is very rare and is not produced everywhere. Only 3 stigmas are available from each flower and they all have to be done by hand which is time-consuming and expensive. About 75,000 flowers are needed to make 1 pound of saffron.

On the other hand, safflower is collected from seeds and these seeds are members of the sunflower family. Cold places are used for the production of these seeds. So it is more abundant in winter. So, the source of both is different in many ways.

Other Differences

So far I have tried to explain a lot of the differences but there are a few more. Mainly two minor differences are left here. Let’s get to them quickly. 

Due to the low cost of safflower, it is used in large quantities and just the opposite is the case with saffron, which is used in very small quantities in cooking due to its high cost.

Safflower oil is used in various cooking applications and enhances the taste of food while Saffron is most commonly used in any sweet dish which you want to eat.

Similarities Between Saffron vs Safflower

From the beginning, I have come to understand many differences between these two spices but there are several similarities between them which you must know and now I will discuss them very briefly for a better understanding.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties: Both have various nutrients which are very important for our human body. Starting from headaches, various rogers act as antibiotics in the body because they are anti-inflammatory, linoleic acid, safranal, etc. They are very beneficial for our body
  2. Antioxidant content: Saffron and safflower both contain antioxidants, which can help protect the body against oxidative stress and damage. Saffron contains several antioxidant compounds, including crocin and kaempferol. 
  3. Potential anti-cancer effects: Saffron is very beneficial for those who are physically ill. A pinch of saffron mixed with milk every day stimulates hormones. Mix saffron with regular milk and you will see its results.
  4. Traditional medicinal uses: Both safflower, red clover, and a variety of other herbs to ease the symptoms associated with arthritis and gout. The herbs in this blend are also supportive of healthy kidney and liver function and a calmer nervous system Saffron also has been used in traditional medicine for many years, and science has continued to demonstrate many of saffron’s health benefits. 
  5. Culinary uses: Saffron is often used in dishes like paella, risotto, and biryani to add flavor and color, while safflower oil is commonly used in salad dressings, marinades, and baked goods.


I will suggest you read this section to know in-depth and more about this Saffron vs Safflower topic. Here some questions of many people are discussed for better understanding.

Is saffron expensive?

Yes, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world due to its labor-intensive harvesting process.

Is safflower oil healthy?

Yes, safflower oil is a healthy oil option as it is high in heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and contains vitamin E.

Can safflower oil be used as a substitute for saffron?

No, safflower oil cannot be used as a substitute for saffron as they have different flavors and culinary uses.

Does saffron have any potential health benefits?

Yes, saffron has been shown to have potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer effects.

Can I substitute safflower for saffron?

No, safflower cannot be substituted for saffron as they have different flavors and culinary uses.

Are safflower and saffron the same?

No, safflower and saffron are not the same. They come from different plants, have different flavors, and are used for different purposes.

Is safflower made from saffron?

No, safflower is not made from saffron. Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant, while saffron is harvested from the crocus sativus flower.


My experience says I have covered everything about Saffron vs Safflower. There is nothing important left that would become helpful on this topic. Now you know the main differences between these two spice and oil items. Also, you know the similarities between these two.

I also added some questions that many people ask about these two items. So, from all aspects, this was an amazing discussion to reveal all the points about Saffron and Safflower. Hope this helped you a lot. That was all for today. Thanks for reading from us.

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