Strudel Vs Streusel: A Delicious Comparison

Strudel and streusel are two German pastries with distinct differences. Strudel is a layered pastry filled with fruit, nuts, or cheese, while streusel is a crumbly topping made with butter, sugar, and flour that is often used to top cakes or muffins. Both are delicious treats with unique textures and flavors.

Though these are the main differences between Strudel and Streusel, to get broad knowledge on these two sweet items, you need to know the flavor, taste, health benefits, and many more in detail. To know them, read my whole discussion below. So, let’s begin.

Strudel Vs Streusel

Strudel Vs Streusel: An Overview

To save you time, this table is enough. This table contains all the differences in short. But if you have time, read the details too to avoid confusion.

Originated in AustriaOriginated in Germany
Layered pastry filled with fruit, nuts, or cheeseCrumbly topping made with butter, sugar, and flour
Typically served as a dessert or pastryOften used as a topping for cakes or muffins
Has a flaky, buttery textureHas a crumbly, crunchy texture
Can be sweet or savoryGenerally used for sweet dishes
Common fillings include apples, cherries, and cheeseOften made with cinnamon and brown sugar
Commonly served with whipped cream or vanilla sauceServed as a topping on baked goods like coffee cakes, muffins, and fruit pies
Popular varieties include apple, cherry, and cheese strudelPopular varieties include cinnamon streusel and streusel-topped coffee cake
Strudel Vs Streusel

Detailed Differences Between Strudel Vs Streusel

From the above table, we get a rough idea of the main differences between Strudel Vs Streusel. But you need an explanation of each to understand better. Let me explain all the points below.

Strudel Vs Streusel
Strudel Vs Streusel

Differences in origin

Everything has a specific place of origin which can be known by reading about its history, just like Strudel and Streusel have a history or origin, let’s find out what it is.

Strudel is a pastry that is now very popular all over the world and first originated in Austria. So the origin is from somewhere in this Ocenian country.

An original German word for streus, the name “Streusel” comes from the German word “struen”, meaning “to sprinkle” or “to sprinkle”. Like its name, streusel is also from Germany. 

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Differences In Ingredients

Each dish differs from another in terms of ingredients, just as Strudel and streusel differ in terms of ingredients. Strudel is basically made from flour, oil, salt, butter, etc. The dough is made by layering it very thinly and layering it with various fruits. Sometimes various fruits, chocolate, butter, cheese, etc are used here for further taste.

Streusel, on the other hand, is made with just three ingredients: butter, sugar, and flour. If I could describe the cooking method then the ingredient’s necessity could have been well explained. But this is enough I think.

Textural Differences

The texture of Strudel and Streusel is also quite different. Strudel has a flaky, buttery texture that comes from the layers of thin dough that are rolled out and then baked. The dough is rolled so thin that you can often see through it, and the layers create a delicate, airy texture that is a hallmark of Strudel.

Streusel, on the other hand, has a crumbly, crunchy texture that is achieved by mixing together the butter, sugar, and flour until it forms small crumbs. When baked, the streusel topping becomes crispy and adds a delightful crunch to the baked good.

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Strudel Vs Streusel: Differences In Uses

Strudel and Streusel are used in different ways in the kitchen. Strudel is served as a pastry or dessert and is often accompanied by whipped cream or vanilla sauce.

Streusel, on the other hand, is used primarily as a topping for baked goods. It is commonly used on coffee cakes, muffins, and fruit pies to add flavor and texture to the dish.


There are many different varieties of Strudel and Streusel, each with its own unique flavor and texture. Some popular varieties of Strudel include apple, cherry, and cheese strudel. Apple strudel is perhaps the most well-known variety and is made with layers of thinly rolled dough and spiced apples. 

Variations of streusel include cinnamon, nuts, and fruit such as blueberries or apples. These varieties are based on ingredients used in them to make them taste different.

Similarities Between Strudel Vs Streusel

Despite their differences, there are some similarities between Strudel and Streusel. Here are some of the similarities:

  1. German Popularity: Both Strudel and Streusel are now popular in Germany. While Strudel originated in Austria, it is now popular throughout Germany and other European countries.
  2. Sweet Taste: Both of these taste sweet. So we can say that this is the biggest similarity of both.
  3. Popular Baked Goods: The popularity of both Strudel and Streusel is on top. On the other hand, both are baked. So, we can say both these are popular baked items. Can I say this as a similarity?
  4. European Influence: I already told you about the origin of both Strudel and Streusel. As both are from Europe this is a popularity. Both have a big amount of European influence.


Almost all the things that one could need are discussed here. If you think you want more vital info about them, then read these FAQs. They have some problems of many people with answered regarding strudel vs streusel.

What is the origin of Strudel and Streusel?

Strudel originated in Austria while Streusel originated in Germany.

Can Strudel be made with savory fillings?

Yes, Strudel can be made with savory fillings, such as spinach and feta or sausage and potato.

Can Streusel be used as a filling in baked goods?

No, Streusel is a topping and is not typically used as a filling.

Are Strudel and Streusel typically associated with sweet flavors?

Yes, both Strudel and Streusel are commonly associated with sweet flavors, although savory variations of Strudel do exist.


In conclusion, I can say that Strudel is a sweet and flaky pastry made with layers of thin dough and a filling of fruit, nuts, or cheese, while streusel is a crumbly topping made of butter, sugar, flour, and sometimes spices.

There are so many more differences between these two that I already discussed above section. Some similarities are also discussed there. I think all the things are done and dusted. If you think I miss something in my discussion, you may ask me in a comment or in my mail. I will appreciate that. That was all for today. Thanks for reading from us.

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